Her dedication to public education...

Jolly has always remained involved in both of her daughters education. 

She truly believes in the value of public education. 


As a successful business owner she understand budgets and proper fiscal planning. She knows the importance of positive engagement and excellent customer service. She is  also an avid volunteer, enthusiastic fundraiser for many charities and a community builder.

These are the attributes and skills that a trustee should have! 

Being a parent representative on the UGDSB Secondary School Committee and the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) she has gained a better understanding of the school board operations. She has also attended Education Week Open Houses and the Long Term Accommodation Plan public meeting.

Jolly is an advocate for mentoring and encouraging youth. She also has hands-on experience with academic programs, like the International Baccalaureate (IB), as her eldest daughter recently graduated from it.


Jolly regularly sees the good work of parents, volunteers and staff and would like to bring more parent voices to the UGDSB. Jolly would like to use her experiences and involvement within the community to positively impact students. She wants to be the bridge that connects parents, community members, students and staff together. she would work to ensure that each child has a strong foundation so that they can be successful. 


As your Trustee, Jolly  will:

  • Represent parent and student voices at the decision table while respecting their diverse needs  
  • Highlight the well being of our children by focusing on mental health and special needs programming 
  •  Fight for more resources to introduce students to co-op and skilled-trades opportunities 
  •  Champion innovative academic programs like the International Baccalaureate (IB), Community Environmental Leadership Program (CELP), and Specialist High Skills Majors(SHSM)